What is VGM Quiz?

VGM Quiz (Video Game Master Quiz) is a free multiplayer and real time quiz dedicated to the video gaming world.

Most of the time, the goal is to find the title of the video game from which the music is coming from.

Every day at 10PM CEST, challenge yourself in a trivia contest (answer the question or riddle) to win awards and fame.

How to answer?

Type with your keyboard to answer as fast as you can when a question is asked or while a music is playing. There are no MCQs: VGM Quiz requires and rewards expertise and quick typing!

Uppercase does not matter in the answer, for instance you can write
"Super Mario Bros", "super mario bros", or even "sUpeR mARIo broS"

Except for the ampersand (&), the dash (-), the plus (+) and the apostrophe ('), do not use any special character in your answer.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "Super Mario Bros."

Also, never add 1 to the first game of a series.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "Super Mario Bros 1"

Abbreviations and acronyms are not accepted except for very specific cases.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "SMB"

Try to avoid articles when answering a question. You'll be fine!

What are hares/tortoises?

Do you know Aesop or La Fontaine's fable The Tortoise and the Hare? If not, please take the time to read this tale: i'ts a valuable story still today.

Hares are earned by answering fast enough and give one bonus point. Be the first to answer in less than 6 seconds for a SUPERSONIC (which gives another bonus point), and you might obtain a new record, or break an existing one if you answer really fast! In less than 2 seconds, you'll make an ULTRASONIC (which gives nothing more... don't be too greedy)!

If you take your time and answer in the last seconds, you'll instead earn a tortoise, which does nothing substantial but is REALLY cool anyway.

What is a room?

A miserable little pile of secrets!

This is where you play and meet other players. Each room has its own purpose and difficulty. We advise new players to try an easy one first! When a player reaches 10.000 rounds, they won't be able to ULTRASONIC/SUPERSONIC and do records in the #easy room.

Is it possible to talk on the chat while a song is playing?

Yes, you can use the command /say followed by your message. Please note that during an event, it might not be possible to talk while a song is playing.


On some occasions, the VGM Quiz Team will hold an event.

An event is a unique, non-random quiz about a specific topic (RPG, 8 bits...)
Players compete to grab a special award, attributed to the first 3 players of the rank. Those awards stay visible forever on your profile page.

You can organize your own private event (about whatever you want) by going VIP!

How can I become a VIP member?

While VGM Quiz is a completely free and accessible game, some optional functionalities are reserved for VIP members only.

You can become a VIP member by doing one of those:

- a donation for the VGM Quiz Team (which gives a golden star in your profile)
- mine cryptocurrency by sharing some of your computer power during your play (which gives a silver star in your profile)

Depending on the donation / the time spent mining, you'll earn access to various goodies (Custom Background, Custom Color Name, Battle Royale Challenge, MyQuiz to create your own Custom Event, etc.)

All given money will serve for servers, bandwidth, domains and awesome future projects! Thanks for your support and understanding!

What is the option to "mine" cryptocurrency?

In the VIP panel (located in the down right corner of the screen), you can support VGM Quiz by accepting to "contribute". This is a free and safe option that will grant you credits to spend on the aforementioned goodies by sharing the power of your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about it here:

How many questions and songs are in?

More than 4000 questions and 6000 songs are currently shared in our database.

Are there any achievements?

Yes! You can find more than 150 achievements to unlock by doing various actions or answering in a specific manner. Some achievements may require the presence of other players in order to be unlocked but that might not be specified in their descriptions.

Could I set up a private room for my community?

Some communities are enjoying our Quiz directly integrated in their website, in a way that such websites members can join the Quiz with only one click! They are logged seamlessly in a specific, community restricted room, where custom rules can be decided by the community owner.

If you represent a community website related to video games, you might like to integrate VGM Quiz to your website. The integration process is extremely simple, yet safe and secure: you provide us a signed query that identify uniquely one user of your website, no password or sensitive information is needed. The Quiz can be loaded in an iframe allowing great integration. Additionally, we can grab users avatars transparently so that your users feel even more at home.

Contact us at support@vgm-quiz.com for more information or to request integration.

Where can I find clues about the "Secret of February"?

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this: http://dl.free.fr/gI5eEx7IE