What is VGM Quiz?

VGM Quiz (Video Game Music Quiz) is a musical quiz (multiplayer and in real time) dedicated to the video gaming world.
The objective is simple: you have to find the title of the video game while one of its song is playing.

How to answer?

While a music is playing, enter the name of the game it is coming from.
Uppercase does not matter in the answer, for instance you can write
"Super Mario Bros", "super mario bros", or even "sUpeR mARIo broS".

Except for the dash (-), do not use any special character in your answer.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "Super Mario Bros."

Also, never add 1 to the first game of a series.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "Super Mario Bros 1"

Abbreviations and acronyms are not accepted.
i.e: write "Super Mario Bros" instead of "SMB".

Try to write an accurate and complete answer to get a point: writing "Mario" is not enough.

#easy room

The easy room is for beginners.
You will have in this room a selection of well known games (it is nevertheless a relatively subjective point of view).
When you will reach 10.000 points on your global score, you won't be able to SUPERSONIC and do records in this room.

The VGM songs

There are currently more than 4000 musical pieces on the VGM Quiz.
As mentioned before, you will have a selection of the most-known games in the easy room.

Is it possible to talk on the chat while a song is playing?

Yes, you can use the command /say followed by your message.
Please note that during an event, it might not be possible to talk while a song is playing.


On some occasions, the VGM Quiz team will throw an event.
An event is a unique, non-random playlist about a specific topic (VGM remixes, 8 bits ...)
Players compete to grab a special award, attributed to the first 3 players of the rank.
Those awards are visible forever on your profile page.


When you answer fast enough, you might obtain a new record, or break an existing one.
Records are reset every 6 months but are still archived in your profile.


There is more than a hundred achievements to unlock, by doing various actions or answering in a specific manner.
Some achievements require the presence of other players in order to be unlocked but that might not be specified in their descriptions.

Community rooms

Some communities are enjoying the VGM Quiz directly integrated in their website, in a way that such websites members can join the Quiz with only one click! They are logged seamlessly in a specific, community restricted room, where custom rules can be decided by the community owner.

If you represent a community website related to video games, you might like to integrate VGM Quiz to your website. The integration process is extremely simple, yet safe and secure: you provide us a signed query that identify uniquely one user of your website, no password or sensitive information is needed. The Quiz can be loaded in an iframe allowing great integration. Additionaly, we can grab users avatars transparently so that your users feel even more at home.

Contact us at for more informations or to request integration.